About me

Over the past two-decades I've built a lot of websites.

After gaining my honours degree in Internet Computing (BSc.) in the early 2000s, I began working for a small design agency, honing my skills as a website designer.

For the last eleven years I've worked in Gamer Network's Technology & Design department. My current title is Product Lead. (Ooh, fancy.)

My job mostly involves designing and building websites, but I'm involved in providing all sorts of technology that powers Gamer Network's various business initiatives.

Outside of work, I am a big film-buff and a blue-belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.


For the past eleven years I've been involved in the information architecture, design, and implementation of Gamer Network's websites.

Sites I've helped design and build for Gamer Network include:

Collectively, the sites I've worked on now reach an audience of over 50 million gamers every month. They garner over a billion pageviews yearly. Woah that's a lot.

Other things I've helped design from my agency days include countless e-commerce websites, content management systems, portfolio websites for photographers, copy writers & craftsmen, marketing sites for clients such as O'Neill, The Big Issue, Gold's Gym, Dennis Publishing, and more.

Special projects

By working on Gamer Network's sites for the last decade I've had the ability to work on the following types of projects, often all the way from conception, design, implementation, to delivery:

My most recent project was to oversee the redesign and redevelopment of

Before that I took on the task of integrating Google AMP and Facebook Instant into the editorial workflow for all of Gamer Network's publishing websites.


I use the following combination of skills in my day-to-day job:

I am very comfortable using the following languages and tools:

My design process often eschews static mockup tools such as Photoshop in favour of wire-framing and prototyping directly in the browser.

My personal style tends to reduce visual ornamentation. I think the closest way of describing it is to call it "functional" design.

Experience & Education